We have defined ‘success’ wrongly, all our lives. We run after money, love, name, fame…and based on what we receive, we judge ourselves to be a success or a failure. And through all of this, we keep running.. needing more, wanting more, struggling more. How to shift the energy of your wants and desires, how to become successful today, so that this new energy of success can then be applied to all parts of your life. … The answer lies, in first shifting the definition of ‘success’ itself. Understand your own self as energy-at-play. Understand that YOU are the creator of your own universe. Ask your questions to Meenal, and receive answers about shifting your energy and your life. This weekly webinar is conducted by Meenal on Saturdays, at 5pm India Time, and is free. If you wish to join, please send a whatsapp message to +91 9619196190 and you will receive a zoom meeting code.

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