The journey that began in 2013, with Meenal’s calling  to tune into her heart, has quickly expanded into this beautiful collective expression of souls coming together, on this wondrous path, led by Mani.

Many have received their awakening, in so many different ways! Over the last few years, Meenal has been  guided to share her own energy, her frequencies, of mastii ‘equanimity’ and abundance, with every one. As she does so, each one tuning into her frequency, easily starts to receive answers for themselves, in the way that is best understood by them. Some receive poetry, others receive prose, some receive guided art, others receive their meanings… ALL receive guidance, from many sources, including Mani.  All answers in guidance lead… To the self. To oneness. To the guru within.

The guidance flows… and as one chooses to flow with it, the path ahead quickly becomes filled with miracles, love and joy!

We invite you to walk this path with us, for a few moments or for eternity… as your heart desires!

Love from

All at MPFY!

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