Positivity Process

A Tool For Observing And Releasing Emotions

You can work with a real candle/diya or with a picture of it (I keep a picture of the candle as my screen saver on the phone). Everything works great.


  1. Sit in silence. Become aware of everything that is on your mind. Whatever is bothering you… it could be the smallest thing, such as irritation with someone; or it could be a big thing such as worries about someone’s health or financial stress. It could be a memory from the past  or it could be fears for the future that is upsetting you… Ask yourself… WHAT AM I FEELING?
  2. Make  a note of the emotions that you are feeling… anger / worry / hurt / rejection / anxiety / guilt / doubt / confusion……
  3. Now focus on the candle.
  4. For each emotion in each situation, make this intent in your mind… “I understand that this energy of (fear/anger/sadness etc…) exists in my energy field. I thank this energy for creating these experiences for me until now. And now as the creator of my energy, I choose to experience joy and love instead. I am ready to release my (fear/anger etc…). I recognise and thank the people who have created this emotion (fear/anger…) for me. I thank them because they have shown me my energy field. I am now ready to  shift my energy. I give this old energy to the candle’. Please Note: the words are not important…this is an intent.. it works in vibrations, so feel the giving away of the emotion, feel the thankfulness for the actor instead of running through the words.
  5. Do this process for each incident that is bothering you.
  6. Repeat a few times, till  you start to feel a bit lighter, let us say about 10%.  The process for each emotion will initially take about 2 minutes.
  7. As you go about your day, you will find some of the emotions coming back/ resurfacing.. for example, it may so happen that you gave away your anger towards a person, and now that same person says mean things to you and your re angry again… Understand that the universe is testing you, whether you are really wanting to give away your anger or would you like to hold it again.
  8. As soon as you become aware that you are re-holding an emotion that you shed earlier, then quickly do the process again. I suggest to people to put an alarm for every two hours. when the alarm rings, you can look at all the emotions of the past two hours, and do the releases right there and then, rather than carry these heavy emotions for the rest of the day.
  9. The action from your end, each time…is to become aware of the emotion. And then, as in a ping pong game, each time you realise that the universe has given you a test, you will simply hand it back to the candle with the intent as shown above.

Very soon, you will find yourself being a good observer and being able to see and immediately release the emotions you are experiencing. Do note that just like you take a physical bath every day to keep yourself clean, similarly, this is an emotional bath…if you don’t clean yourself daily, you carry the dirt around with you…and then, it creates the stink in your life! 

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