How does healing happen? How do I know where the healing has gone in the body? What to do,  if I wish to heal someone? Why has the body not healed?

Each of us has access to higher frequencies that heal. And yet, we have limited ourselves to knowledge and forgotten to access the vast reservoirs of universal intelligence that exists within each of us. Remember, even before we were born, our bodies formed themselves into the right shape and form,  without consulting any doctors! How? Because each of our cells is so intelligent and holds so much information. Most importantly,  it KNOWS how to access that information, and create body parts, without ‘external’ inputs. And yet, as we become bound in the frequencies of the mind, our journey becomes more outward looking, we need external sources to help us heal.   

The healing meditation in Meenal’s frequency is available to all of you, for healing yourself and others. You can listen to it as many times, or not listen to it actively and just put it on as you sleep or do other activities. No matter what you do in the body, its vibration is being received by you in the energies. The work is between the two energy fields and not just between the two bodies. 

The healing makes itself known, sometimes within, and sometimes it chooses a medium. Sometimes the energetic links are not understood by us through our limited logical minds, and yet, healings happen in so many different ways. It may so happen that the illness will disappear by itself. Or, a new medium could appear…  a new medicine that you will suddenly find working much better than all previous medicines, a new doctor suddenly having the right connect with you, a wonderful friend/guide who suddenly appears and makes your life better and/or most beautifully, a deeper realization of your own energies begins to dawn upon you and you find yourself much at peace. These are many of the ways that the healing shows up. Sometimes you recognize it and sometimes you don’t. It is ok…. your energies have received what they needed to shift the frequencies.  

If you wish to receive healing sessions in person, you can reach out to any of the guides through the guides directory. While the modalities might be different, all of them tune into the frequencies of Mani and send healings to you. 

Allow yourself to be healed. Accept the healing without attachment to any outcomes and  simply be in gratitude for these frequencies that are making their way to you.

Charges : Indian Rupees 300 per session (Includes one healing session)

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