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All through my growing years, I have been an analytical person.

A Bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Statistics, two Masters Degrees in Business Administration,  25 years career in financial services had turned me to become a logical, numbers driven person. Through the years, I prided myself on these skills and sharpened them… after all, these were the skills that had been responsible for my success!

And then, in 2013,  my world was turned on its head.

It all started when a colleague’s mother handed me copy of “Many Lives Many Masters’ by Dr. Brian Weiss.  Before that, I had never even heard of past life regression. I protested strongly, not wanting to read that book, but the lady insisted!  I grudgingly took the book, never intending to read it. A few weeks later, as I was heading for an early morning flight, I absentmindedly picked up that book from my shelf (!!!). In the flight, with no other choice at hand, I started to read the book. And as I did, the first thought that crossed my mind was, that this was a complete hoax! I  was only looking for loopholes, and annoyed that I couldn’t find them! . Soon enough, I was hooked.  I understood that somehow,  these sessions helped people resolve long standing issues issues. My journey of ridicule took a turn towards assimilating this knowledge and helping people. The joy ride had begun.

Over the next few months, as I moved through a labyrinth of new found knowledge, my journey became more interesting, intriguing… to the point where I completely lost myself and became this other person… this person who put her faith into the metaphysical that wasn’t yet proved, that didn’t stack up high on her highly logical scale.

Once I opened myself to the experience, magic began to unfold rapidly.  There I was, in 2013,a fresh-off-the-block ‘spiritual seeker’ suddenly healing myself from long standing ailments, putting pen to paper and watching  guided messages flow through me as ‘auto’ writing, receiving deeper understandings about energy, karma, destiny, free will… everything I ever wanted to know, was being revealed to me in a simple way so that I could understand.  

On 8th August 2015, I received a message that I needed to remove myself from everything else that I was doing – my work, my financial services career, and to be on this path fully. I knew that it was not a conscious thought from my conscious self… after all, I loved my job, I had worked very hard to make a name for myself. Why would I leave something that I loved so much?

And yet, the message carried such a strong pull that after only a few hours of hesitation, I knew this was the only thing for me to do. I quit my position as a Senior Partner and sat at home. I wondered what my path forward was… And though the message came…’to heal your self and to heal many’, I was clueless as to what was in store for me!

The journey was about to take some amazing twists and turns.

I spent the first year, simply sitting in silence and taking messages for myself. Healing energies were coming through me, and I started to conduct healings for people, as guided.

Magic stories of healings, happened all around!

I was also told in the guidance, to not read any more books, any spiritual text… Book knowledge was no longer needed and now, the answers would be given to me, experientially.  And thus, I had to let go of this ‘quest for knowledge’, my biggest motivator in life this far!

All this while, when the guided messages came, I did not know who was giving me the answers. I termed these energies as ‘Guys Upstairs”. A year into my ‘so called retirement’, a new directive came… Conduct workshops now, and teach people what you have learnt this far! I didn’t know how to teach or even what to teach, but then, every step was guided. Teachers came, participants came… and the first MPFY workshop happened in 2016 January!

And then, even more magic happened!

After attending the MPFY workshops and meeting me, many people suddenly started to write poetry!  I would laugh and tell them, I only knew one poet in my life, and that was my father, Mani Madhukar… and he had passed on, in 1995!

I didn’t understand the mystery of the flowing poetry but I didn’t pay much attention to it, until one day, a computer professional attending my Delhi workshop, reached out late in the day. All her life, she had never written a poem, and now, in one evening, she had written a few! AND she had also received this strange message that it was Mani, holding our hand on this beautiful path. This path is ‘His Prayer For Us’… to find ourselves within!

It was as if in that one moment, my entire neural network was put on fire!!!! It all connected! Of course it was him all along, guiding my path! So many clues along the way, and I hadn’t noticed! Just that, I had to release my understanding of him as a ‘father’ in the body, and recognize him as the energy of  ‘father frequency’!

Fast forward to now…. Magic has become a way of life!

Over the years, I have been given several amazing tools for shifting energies, transforming lives and coming to awareness. The simplest of them, is to transform your energies by simply tuning into mine. After all, my energy field is already filled with abundance and Aanand (bliss). And all you need to do, is to tune into the same channel and you will experience the same frequency. It’s that simple! After all, you and I are energy, We work in frequencies. Change your frequency, change your life.

Two easy steps:

1. Positivity Process, to observe your own energies and

2. A Short Meditation To Tune into Meenal Frequency.

Thousands have shifted and yet, this is only the beginning. I invite you to join your path with me. In the energies, you and I are already one. And I offer you that oneness experience in the body, simply by tuning in to this beautiful frequency of equanimity, ‘mastii’ and abundance!

It doesn’t take effort, it takes awareness to make that conscious choice!  Life is a wonderful blessing. May you make the very best of YOUR life….that’s my prayer for you.

Come let’s celebrate together!

Love unlimited.


Meenal Mani Madhukar MMM

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