You say you would like to trust more, but the world is filled with crooks and cheats, lies and deceits…and that’s what stops you from trusting too many people! So, how does one stop attracting such people in their life? Once again, the answer only lies within. First, the frequency of mistrust within you has to shift, the projection in your universe will automatically change. Kamal Chellani takes a deep dive into “How to trust the Universe”, in yet another conversation with Meenal.

STEP 1..Candle your emotions. But what if, simply candling is not enough, and you don’t feel lighter. Well, here is STEP 2… a tool to help you release your emotional blockages at a deeper level. Try the process, for any emotion that is not serving you well, if it is resilient and keeps coming back in one form or another. The process changes your energies from past events, and at times even from your “past lives”…. and makes you heal beautifully!

Every spiritual talk includes this line..”look within”. What does it really mean? How can one look within? What do you do, once you look within! All of these questions, answered in a very simple way that everyone can understand. Kamal Chellani in a conversation with Meenal Madhukar…

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