People’s Experiences in “EXPECT MIRACLES’ program


When I requested Meenal to take me for this program, at the back of the mind, there was always a question, how would I take out time everyday for this, there is so much of workload at office as well household work. But, how these 30 days passed away, didn’t realise and yet all the work happened without tension, without anxiety. The beauty when you play from your energies of heart, and not of the mind. So much gratitude to each one of you for sharing your experiences, to Meenal for guiding step by step, for letting all of us to be in her frequency like, khuli tijori jitna lootna hai loot lo(ohh my God, I never thought I will have tears in my eyes while writing this), love you Meenal, love you Mani, Om Mani, I am Mani❤️❤️

Varsha A

I feel I have had major breakthrough today in one of my most stubborn programs I have been trying réalise as why this keeps happening since ages and now to finally understanding and getting down to work on it. It has been made possible only through these tool kit handed over to ya by Meenal the genie 🧞‍♀️. I can literally kiss her feet if she is around else in energy I have done it. To share it with you all is the fact that we have taken this journey together and inputs from each other somewhere too are playing as tools to propell each other and assure that we are moving from being adulterated to pure. No wonder when we are in presence of a pure soul we feel great vibes just how we can figure out pure essential oils from those adulterated cheap quality ones. I fortunately got an empty home today and at a stretch sat in Dhyan with the lines for 4 hours continuously where on its own filth as in unwanted emotions , moments to realise what’s it telling kept popping up as if to be released ..just like when there is indigestion won’t stay unless we throw up. In it one of my weakest n troublesome programme of money attached to shame attached to resistance attached further to lack going to deep societal conditioning and programmes since back into time. This defined my physical situation in continuation with same and different actors ..I figure today as to what were they guiding me to accept and learn. I got this « life of a poor mans home when lived authentically being his authentic self in acceptance of how it is – so it is- is as happy n as nousrishing in same quantum as a life of a rich man in his home only when the ruch man too is living his authentic self « here the authentic self being the I being in it’s purest form minus the feelings / emotions / etc that causes disturbance in n to his heart, simply accepting and following his original path of existence. And reducing the degree of tension we make for ourselves conditioned by our external environment or past life reasons.i hope I made sense. Some are seeing butterflies and some got poetry but I have felt physical sensations like when I am releasing a feeling I can feel aches , pinches , tremor , pressure , dark spots and waiting to be released ..once released the sensation dissolves or dissappears. I can see for myself my reactive nature Make a shift to peace with a response rather. I have revived so much guidance and understanding of unconditional love , love as such , self love and the whole play of it si much more intensely in the last 20 days ..much thanks and love for grace Meenal 💕💕💕..


Thank you Meenal. Observing emotions of myself as well as others has become automatic now, and immediate positivity process after that. Doing this has definitely made my relationships peaceful. A miraculous turnaround has happened, for that one reason, I did this course. Gratitude to you🦋🤗💕💕…

Sunita C

Just simply an awesome experience that will always be cherished by me… Dear Mee, you have shared and given me abundant guidance in this wonderful journey.
The only regret is that it is getting over…
Thankyou Thankyou Thank you, dear MeeMa for taking me on this Exclusive 30 Days handholding Journey.
Gratitude 🙏 once again is too small a word to express my feelings for you.
Love ya ❤️..


….And words cannot express my love for Meenal! I feel i am born again. So ya, Meenal is my mom. And she is my father frequency too🤗 I feel as if i have won the biggest lottery in the world. 🥳💃🏻✨💫Thank you from the bottom of my 💓..

Jaya A

A very happy Gurupoornima Dear Meenal!
You are Guru, girl friend, sister , mother and father rolled into one. I am so grateful for your presence in my life . Thankful for your soothing , loving , beautiful energy. Love and Blessings to you 🙏🏼💞🤗🙏🏼…

Vineeta G

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