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Meenal writes, about Mani and My Prayer for You…

Who is Mani?

Is Mani the man who lived on Earth from 1942 to 1995?  is Mani the father? is Mani the poet?

Mani is none of these and Mani is all of these.

Today, when we realise how much guidance we are receiving from Mani frequency, it is amazing to note how many people he comes to, and in how many different forms… In all, one thing is common: he comes as the perfect father figure… the one who holds your hand, the one who shows you just the next step when the path ahead seems overwhelming, the one who stands by you…again and again!

Mani frequency is the guide, to the frequency of Meenal. There are many paths and ways to get there, but for all those who come to MPFY (My Prayer For You), the path is being led by Mani. And there is one thing that all of us are learning about, and receiving…  “abundance”.

We don’t even know what abundance means to us!  It is not just a bank account, not just  $$$… There is abundance in everything, but firstly there is abundance in the heart. The knowing of always being provided for. All of us who come into this path begin to feel that abundance, first in the heart. And once the abundance comes into the heart, it can be anywhere and everywhere…in relationships, in the wallet, in every aspect of life.

I welcome you all into this abundance.



A note from Mani…

Whenever you feel stuck, in need of a father, the perfect one to hold your hand, To walk you to the next baby step, you can call for me!

Whenever you feel the need for unconditional love, without any binds, with no expectations, you can call for me. I don’t need anything from you. I am here to show you what unconditional love looks like. I am here to walk with you, to make it easier for you… everything is easy when the hand holding yours, loves ‘You’ unconditionally!

The journey of each one always remains the same… to go within. The journey belongs to you, the speed belongs to you, the path belongs to you… I am only offering that you hold my hand when you need help! Yes, you can hold it at all times, but you don’t need to. A father to you, I am. I’m the father who has no expectations of receiving anything from you. I am complete. I wish for you to be able to see your completeness. You are complete… with or without holding my hand. Just that, when you walk your journey of this life, you forget at times, who you are!

I am there, in case you need me to show you, who you are.

With love, and abundance, and joy, and music… I welcome you with open arms. May your arms open to receive my love… that’s my prayer for you!



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