My journey of learning ‘awareness in surrender’ began with Ram Krishan Paramhans (RK) calling me to Kolkata, in February 2017. As I experienced his magic, I was guided to write my daily stories on FB. The collective is being shared here on the google drive link.

On the last day of my trip,  it was almost as if the entire universe converged to bring to me the biggest, brightest fireworks show… the magic was every moment, the magic was intense! And yet, i didn’t get to write about that last day experience, or share with a larger audience, until September 2020!

And so, we got together on a zoom call for the sharing.

The links to the whole story and the recording of the last day are being shared here, for you to also be a part of this beautiful story!

Love to all


The journey of surrender, as taught to me, by RK, through Anou Bakshi!

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