Expect Miracles


Do you wish to operate from the energies of Abundance, Love Joy?

Are willing to invest time on shifting your life, changing your energy?

Join the 30 day hand-holding program designed by MEENAL MADHUKAR Life-Coach and Game-Changer

A 30 day hand holding program to unlock your unlimited potential

Understand your body and mind’s workings from the perspective of energy. Understand how your energies are  creating this experience called ‘life’.

The workshop provides a unique outlook towards everyday matters – jobs, family, responsibilities, etc. – and explains how you can alter your state of mind by shifting your thought process, by changng your energy.

Many suffer from anxiety, depression, suppressed anger, loneliness, and various forms of unhappiness that sometimes manifest themselves as frustration or complete breakdowns. What is needed is not just repair but rather a new way of looking at things.

Ancient scriptures talk about ‘Aatma’, the soul. They talk about how to live life. All these things are pleasant to the ears, but how does one begin to live this higher life, and be more productive/positive? This program provides ALL the answers.

There are several easy techniques, that anyone can follow. In 30 days, these techniques become a way of life, and miracles begin to unfold. The program explains our existence from a metaphysical perspective, and provides a new way to think about ‘problems’.  Also, it involves a powerful meditation technique that channels higher frequencies of energies to bring changes at a higher, faster  pace.

++ Also included, a past life/current life regression session, to help you resolve issues.


To register, all you have to do, is to send a WhatsApp message to +91 96191 96190  with the following details:

  1. Name

Also, If there is a particular guide that you would like to be with, please mention their name in your message!

That’s all!!


  • Your Daily time commitment is 1.5 hours BY YOURSELF, to work on that day’s written assignment (This is your personal time and not a classroom/group activity)
  • Detailed Videos/Worksheets/Instructions : Daily tools to help you discover/ navigate through your own programs and belief systems that are not serving you.
  • Constant Guidance: A whatsapp group, with multiple guides, to help you wherever you are feeling stuck.
  • Two Live Sessions per week (video), in a small batch size of 5-10, where you will be sharing your personal journey and experiences. These sessions will be facilitated by 2-3 guides, with guided answers, received from the frequency of Mani, to help you walk you through your specific issues. (Meenal will be part of the group)
  • Convenient time slots for everyone, across countries.
  • Languages: Hindi, English

Webinar timings offered (Please choose your convenient timings for the 2 live sessions, every week):

  • India Time
      • 4:30pm (Monday; Wednesday)
      • 6:30pm (Monday, Wednesday)
      • 7:30pm (Thursday and Sunday)
    • HINDI
      • 4:30 pm (Tuesday, Thursday)
  • US time
      • EST 7pm (Friday ,Sunday)

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