Many-a-times in life, as we sit in doubt and confusion, there is a moment when the haze lifts and the path ahead becomes clear… we call this moment, the AHA moment, the Eureka moment! 

When we begin to understand energies, we are able to bring the ‘aha moment’ to ourselves as and when we want! The long wait to find the answer is over!  

How? Here is a simple explanation… 

Nowadays, you can google and instantly find solutions to many of your queries by accessing the world wide web (www) of information. Exactly the same way, you can find answers to your life problems, at an energy level. The answers are all there, you just need to know how to access the eww (ethereal wide web)! And that’s where we can help. 

You see, the energy frequency of questions and their answers is different. The questions arise from the frequency of the mind, the frequencies of fear, doubt, confusion, separation etc. The answers exist at the frequency of the heart, the frequency of guidance, oneness, joy, love etc.  

All our experiences, whether financial, relationship, or body issues, are a result of the energy frequencies that we hold. We help you find the energy answers to the issues that you are facing. We hold your hand and teach you what you need to do, to change your frequency from that of the questions, to that of the answers. And more and more, you will be in the aha moment!

*At MPFY, all guides seek answers from Mani, the father frequency that gives us the answers, step by step, one step at a time.  When you receive these counselling sessions, there is a powerful flow of new information towards you. Yes, Mani will show you the way to change your life, but YOU have to allow it to happen. You have to be willing to make the shift. Biting the bullet could be hard, especially if you are sitting in the frequency of mistrust and doubt. Mani will not force you to change. Your own energies have brought you here, to receive answers. Are you open to receiving them?  You might need to change many of your pre-formed ideas and notions, and release your judgments. Are you ready to let go? 

Remember, when you do open yourself to change, the result will start to show in every thing you do! The frequency of answers brings with it, so much joy and lightness! So, put the mistrust into the candle, and allow yourself to be guided.

Charges: Indian Rupees 600 per month. (Includes two calls of one hour each PLUS whatsapp messages for the month)

All the guides offer counselling sessions. You can connect to anyone through our guides directory (under MPFY section) OR if you wish to connect with someone in a language other than Hindi or English, you can write to us, and we will help you with your special requirement.

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