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Anita Mishra

I am a psychological counselor, trainer and an energy healer trained in various healing modalities and meditation techniques.I integrate modern Western psychological techniques and eastern spiritual wisdom techniques to understand, resolve and overcome the challanges and problems.

Mpfy came to me as a gift for experiencing bliss and live the knowledge in its true sense..How to transcend the mind and imply theoretical and intellectual knowledge in practicality was a big yearning for Me. since 4 years I have been with Meenal and Mpfy and the energy and frequency understanding is a total game-changing experience.
Living a life of being in gratitude and joy is a choice which is made so simple by Meenal who epitomizes all the scriptures and knowing.

Contact No: 9873007980
Email id:
Services offered: Healing (INR 300), Counselling (INR 600)

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